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Akio Nukaga


Akio Nukaga (b. 1963, Suginami-ku, Tokyo) graduated from Tokyo Zokei University majoring in Textile Design in 1985. In 1988, he became a trainee of Ibaraki Prefecture Ceremics Technology Office, and started studying at Kozan-Kiln in Kasama city in 1989. In 1993, Akio Nukaga opened his studio in Shimoichige in Kasama city, and named it N Ceremic Studio in 2011.

The artist is known for his quietly elegant and fully functional one-of-a-kind hand-thrown pots and vessels. While Nukaga employs the 200-year-old ceramic tradition of Kasama, a region in Japan known for the its rich ceramic history, the pieces he created are clean and contemporary, transcending traditional Japanese pottery.The beauty of Nukaga’s work is its subtlety. He explores textures created in the clay rather than colors. His signature muted and limited palette of neutral glazes exudes a sense of warmth.

Akio Nukaga has exhibited extensively in Japan and the US. He was invited to exhibit at the Japan Ceramic Art exhibition, Japan Crafts Exhibition, Takaoka Craft Exhibition, Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition, Mashiko Ceramics Competition and Ibaraki Design Selection.

2018 | Solo Exhibition at Maison Huit

2019 | Solo Exhibition at Maison Huit

2020 | Solo Exhibition at Maison Huit

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