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PRIVATE SHOW | Tukka Jewelry

Maison Huit will be presenting the latest collection of Tukka Jewelry at a Private Show from 14 to 16 Jan. By appointment only, please RSVP. 

DEMONSTRATION | Charlotte Mary Pack

British ceramic artist Charlotte Mary Pack will be doing a simple demonstration of making an animal with clay in 15 minutes, and the artist will be introducing the background and new developments of her works. 

TALK SERIES | History of British Afternoon Tea

Experts from I.Franks talks about the history and traditions of British Afternoon Tea - a culture that emerged in 1840, and still considered one of the most 'British' enjoyments of today. 

WORKSHOP | Japanese Ceramics

Renowned Japanese Master Akio Nukaga demonstrates his special technique at his Hong Kong debut exhibition at Maison Huit. 

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